Is agriculture a 'bum subject'?


Why is the Primary sector important to New Zealand?


The agricultural, horticultural, forestry, mining and fishing industries play a fundamental role in New Zealand's economy, particularly in the export sector and in employment. Overall, the primary sector directly accounts for around 7.5% of real GDP and contributes around half of New Zealand's total export earnings. (Treasury NZ 2015)


In 2012 MPI announced a goal of doubling primary sector exports to $64 billion by 2025. The primary sector currently accounts for one in six jobs nationwide, it is estimated 50,000 new employees over the next ten years will be needed to reach MPI’s goal.  (MPI 2016)


Virtual Insight Education is a business concept where our school students and school leavers will have access to interactive 360 degree and virtual reality video imagery and technology. This will be linked together with a sharp advertising campaign designed firstly to showcase the diversity and depth of career choices within the primary industries and introduce them to the importance of the primary sector to the New Zealand economy.  Secondly, this will introduce them to modern day and futuristic primary sector practices touching on subjects to encourage discussion such as alternative proteins and new uses for existing fibres and plants.


We envision a world leading, emotional marketing campaign that allows our students to go inside the export sector and view every primary related career possible.


  • Meat & Fibre               
  • International Trade        
  • Supply Chains   
  • Research            
  • Production            
  • Science          
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry              
  • Dairy                     
  • Technology           
  • Marketing
  • Languages

“Fall back on farming”  “Not for OUR GIRLS"  

“A job for dropouts”


Should we accept that in 2017 the general public and our smart young school leavers have the opinion's shown in the quotes above and are also being exposed to opinions such as these from their influencers?


Our youth are hungry for cutting edge technology and our school leavers have a thirst for knowledge and they want to be able to contribute to the future of NZ and our economy. Not only do they enjoy it but they are good at it. How can we embrace that and show them where they can fit into the story of New Zealand?


All too often, industry promotion initiatives lack national collaboration and fall short of achieving great things because of this. They promote the sector and stimulate interest but fail to take the target along the journey all the way to employment.  We may not be able to get 1 million students physically through farms, factories and watching trade negotiations but with the help of new technology, we can still immerse them in that environment.