Building Personal Consumer Connections


         PICTURE THIS...


Your customer buys your product, they open the packaging and inside they find a QR code.

They scan that QR code with their phone and will be instantly transported to a video clip that can

either be watched by mobile as a 360° video, or they can slide the mobile into a VR headset

and become fully immersed in your story and the environment.


Buy a kiwifruit and get transported to the orchard and meet the owner. Buy merino clothing and get

transported to a ridge high above the station watching the sheep graze around the hills.

Buy the eggs and watch the chickens that lay them roam free in paddocks and around the base of fruit trees.

Buy a piece of wooden furniture and walk around the forest it came from.


We give your brand the most authentic form of traceability by connecting your consumers with their growers.

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360° + timelapse

With a drone, tripod or body-mounted 360° camera we can capture an entire environment in photo or video form. You can then use a VR headset to immerse yourself and your consumers in the environment shown, or use your phone's 360° capability to go on an adventure. 

You can even timelapse! 

A build, a wheat harvest or an afternoon in the sheep yards at golden hour. The only limit is your imagination.

New technology, more opportunities, endless options!





Interactive 360° + VR

Immerse your customers or clients in your story. Show them what you see and hear. Teleport from a ridge at sunrise to the sheep yards, to the shearing shed.

Embrace new and innovative technology and think about how you could use this to sell yourself, your story or your product.

The future is here, how will you be adapting to that?

You imagine it, we create it.

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standard or 360° Drone + Heli Filming

Drone and helicopter shots give no end to showcasing big, bold landscapes.

From high country stations, organic orchards, sprawling vineyards or forests, and river-scapes to showing off environmental improvements.

With the drone business market poised to grow 190% from 2014 to 2024, and the stunning quality of imagery, don't miss out on showing ALL of what you've got!

Stand out from the competition!