Is virtual reality and 360-degree video the future of marketing?  The short answer - YES


*Picture this*  You put on your VR headset and you are teleported to the ridge of a high country station in the Mackenzie. Down below you, you hear shepherds whistling, dogs barking and sheep bleeting. You see them weave along the hill as you walk down the ridge towards the yards and watch them funnel in from the paddock. You walk down into the yards and watch the shepherds pushing sheep through the yards and drafting. You then teleport into the shearing shed and become fully immersed in shearing. The sound of the hand pieces humming, people talking and sheep stomping around on the grating...

Don’t want to go as big as a full VR experience? Why not try Augmented Reality to get your consumers attention? Scan ready QR codes or app-recognised packaging to launch to an interactive AR experience showcasing your products, ingredients and your growers.

According to Goldman Sachs, VR will be bigger than TV within the next decade, generating $110 billion in revenue. IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide predicted that the AR/VR market will grow to over $162 billion by 2020, with active VR users growing to 171 million in 2018.

At the end of October 2017 they came together with the MBIE to produce a report - 'VIRTUAL GETS REAL: The Explosion of Cross Reality in New Zealand.  The report has calculated that over 1100 full time employees are currently working in the sector in New Zealand, many of who will be working in the gaming sector, and that this is estimated to double within two years - this is why now is the time for us to get involved and specialise in the area where our passion lies. 


Many brands are turning to immersive video — mainly 360-degree video and VR — for innovative and attention-grabbing advertising and marketing campaigns. VR content is also found to elicit higher emotional and longer engagement than traditional 2D. We think New Zealand has a fantastic opportunity to dive into this, not only do we have fantastic, innovative companies, but we also have some of the most exceptional landscapes in the world to help us tell our stories.